My first TAG

So I got my first TAG built and painted A Pan Oceanic Cutter

I had a nice quiet night at work Friday the Summer holiday season has ended so i had a quiet few hours to build models

WP_20150906 7

Then i had steppie over Saturday afternoon and we got a solid 5 hours of painting in and i managed to this done

WP_20150906 8

WP_20150906 9

WP_20150906 1

WP_20150906 2

Still not great with the photography but incremental improvement


9 thoughts on “My first TAG

    • There about the same height as a dreadnought but not quite as bulky.

      Got a couple of games in with them today and he’s a beast in my second game he pretty much gunned down the entire enemy army in one turn. The first game he took down one of the Ghecko’s but then got cut down himself leaving the other Ghecko’s to chew through my back lines.

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    • The Ghecko’s are so cheap for points like 50 to 55 points each so 2 for the price of most other tags and just as tough arm 8 and 3 str and the mk 12 you get on one is a beast burst 3 strength 15. I almost bought the anaconda there just some beautiful models.

      This might be the beginning of a TAG obsession I’m eyeing an Aleph Maruts at the moment


      • With mini’s, having shutter control (camera with remote shutter, or using a timer) and having a tripod (or just stabilizing the camera on a surface, such as leaning against a box or something). Really really helps. After that, the next easiest step is taking photos on a cloudy day if you don’t have a light box.


    • I’m currently using an old nokia windows phone cause the camera on its better than the one on my BlackBerry I’m hoping to get a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 at the end of the month although I might end up buying an Aleph army but thanks for the advice ill play with the settings and see if I can find away to secure it in place for a good pic probably gaffer tape is the way forward


      • With a timer, you can set the timer for 2-3 seconds (or whatever the max is) then just lean the phone on a box or book, hit the shutter, and step away.


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