Now did I bring enough missiles

Came across this and thought I would share nice to see some 40k stuff after all that fantasy nonsense



My first TAG

So I got my first TAG built and painted A Pan Oceanic Cutter

I had a nice quiet night at work Friday the Summer holiday season has ended so i had a quiet few hours to build models

WP_20150906 7

Then i had steppie over Saturday afternoon and we got a solid 5 hours of painting in and i managed to this done

WP_20150906 8

WP_20150906 9

WP_20150906 1

WP_20150906 2

Still not great with the photography but incremental improvement

Reinforcements Have Arrived

So after a long week of where da fuck are my models this selection of goodies arrived this PM

WP_20150904 5

Thats a Cutter Tag for the Pan O invisible giant killer death robot for the win. A pair of Ghecko’s mini tags, an Alguacilies with an HMG and a Daktaris cat girl medic for the Nomads.

These purchases take both the Ice Storm sets up to 300 points


This is the cutter i think that baggy of bits is full of things that will be lost soon.

WP_20150904 2

oh dear that looks like a lot of bits

WP_20150904 3

WP_20150904 3

And heres the blister mini’s

finally i might have made some progress with the photo thing so heres a pic of an orc trooper with a bacon sarnie in the background



WP_20150904 7P

DC’s Continuing Adventures in Photography and Poorly Supported Technology

So i was pondering my photos issue and i suddenly had a bright (typically it turned out not to be)idea the camera on my current phone is pretty shit but the camera on my old Windows phone wasn’t that bad. The phone itself is one of the most irritating pieces of technology this particular rampant technophobe has ever encountered :.

So i took a few pics nothing great but defo getting better so how to get the pictures out of the phone and into the Blackberry Tablet. Now i tried shaking it really hard over a funnel with the spout in a hole on the side of the tablet but unbelievable as this sounds it didn’t work.

At this point I was mightily discouraged i went and smoked quite a lot of a medicinal herbal remedy known to have profound effects on short term memory(cant remember what effect but thats a problem for tomorrow)when i came incredibly close to having a bright idea so close an estate agent might describe it as bright idea adjacent.

Mobile devices have this thing to connect them together its even got a snappy name Green fang, no Red Nail, close arghh thats it blue tooth so carefull not get bitten i explored the pair of troublesome widgets for a blue tooth button almost miraculously i located both buttons there were codes and detectings going on left right and centre but then the legend and true portent of doom appeared devices not compatible.

Undetered by this temporary set back i regrouped by which i mean i smoked some more herbal remedy and had a good hard….something! whats the word where you use your brain in an attempt to come up with a solution Think thats it i had a good hard think how do you get photos off a phone.

All of a sudden a new devious plan began to form in my little mind. I had heard tell of a bucket on the interwebz where you could upload and store your pictures it had a catchy name inspiration struck again photo bucket thats it. a quick google search later and we were setting up an account heady stuff.

This was achieved with very little swearing and almost no stamping of the feet although i don’t understand how my password isn’t strong enough but we had a 1 to the end of it and thats alright. So shiny new account created we log into find a new harbinger of Doom browser not supported install one of these i followed the the links (all of them) to be met once again by arch nemesis Device not supported so thats the Photo bucket plan scuppered.

Time once again for a rethink this time i called out the big guns and asked Dr Google that wise oracle that hides in the back of pooters careful to specify windows phone i was directed to one drive so i checked it out and created an account see above for details of account creating it was very similar.

So new account created i logged in to a page of gibberish randomly pushing things that might be buttons i finally got to a screen with some english on it and was informed to upload from my device i required an app click this link duly clicked i had to create a windows live account i did this then downloaded the app at which point i had to create a new account my other one being irretrievably corrupted (sounds nasty)

but finally i was able to upload some pictures and down load them to my tablet i almost cried but managed to control it to litle more than a manly sob.

here are the results

WP_20150831 5

WP_20150831 3

WP_20150831 2

WP_20150831 1


so did i just make you read 600 words to view some blurry small pictures yep i did but ask yourself this who is more foolish the fool or the fool who follows him.

Life Can Catch You by Surprise

Just a quick post sorry it’s been so thin on content but I have just seperated from my partner of twelve years.

That’s right She Who Must Be Obeyed no longer has to be obeyed. I’m not looking for any sympathy it was a long time coming and was very ammacible. It is very sad as a family of 12 years is no more and i worry about how its gonna effect my step son.

However we got together today and painted most of the afternoon made some headway on the Infinity Operation Ice Storm minis he seems fine but i wonder how much is a front.

I am feeling quite positive should have more hobby time so I’m gonna try and gets some mini pics up (don’t get your expectations too high I’m a mediocre painter whos badly out of practise) and I’m hoping that i can round my infinity collections out into 3 300 point armies with some judicious purchase. I’m also gonna try and do some Bat reps and then hopefully some more experienced infinity players can let us know what I’m doing wrong

USArIadnans Army pack for Infinity

firstly apologies for the lack of recent content been suffering from a lack of both inspiration and motivation also have actually been playing more having encountered a number of other gamers who have started working on my site so been a table top warrior rather than a keyboard one 🙂

So Corvus Belli just put there new army pack for USariandnan’s up for pre order looks like you get most of the same things as operation Ice Storm but with a single more fleshed out army. My hope is that they do many more of these with a bit of hard wishing one for each faction as it will really help with the pimpin showed this to two fellow gamers who are now chompin at the bit to start infinity 🙂 here’s a bunch of obligatory pics


Lovely sculpts mostly however I’m not keen on the posing of the far right werewolf and the motorbikes wheels look a bit small gives it more of a moped look like she’s delivering pizza rather than fighting a future war.


Looks like phenomenal value at €90 pre order should be £60 or less by the time it gets to the UK

So what do you think anyone tempted to jump into infinity who hasn’t already by this

A Reflection

So this is a bit of an odd post for me I came across this Video the other day

And it made me kinda sad the SR71 still holds the records for highest flight and fastest manned plane some of the facts about this plane are phenomenal. The record is Mach 3.2 but one pilot claims to have hit Mach 3.5 whilst evading SAM missiles over Libya speaking of which it was fired upon over 4000 times by missiles but never once hit if fired upon it would just accelerate and the missiles couldn’t keep up flying at 80000 ft at over 2000 mph its pilot could lock onto a moving car and read the number plates the sensor suite was so sensitive that siting on the ground in broad daylight it could detect the light from the nearest 62 stars at full chat it could get from New York to London in under 1 hour 55 minutes. The plane required so much Titanium in its construction that the CIA had to create hundreds of false companies around the world so they could buy enough the main source of Titanium being the USSR even then over 80% of the Titanium supplied was rejected by Lockheed as not being of suitable quality.

So why does this make me sad this plane was designed in the 1950’s first flew in 1962 and retired from service in 1998 where the replacement where’s the forward progress why are we no longer pushing the boundaries of the possible.

This kinda got me thinking it’s not just the SR71 Concorde no longer flies the Space Shuttle is grounded and become a museum piece No body is actively trying for a manned mission to Mars. Sure electronically see there are advancements but it seems like as a species were losing the adventurous spirit that pushed boundaries and that makes me Sad

Samus is Here

Forgeworld released this bad boy this morning

LOW 375pts ws9 BS5 S7 T7 W6 I9 A5 LD10

Some nifty reserve and deepstrike shenanigans

Indomitable will

It Will not die

Pricey but quite a monster