Reinforcements Have Arrived

So after a long week of where da fuck are my models this selection of goodies arrived this PM

WP_20150904 5

Thats a Cutter Tag for the Pan O invisible giant killer death robot for the win. A pair of Ghecko’s mini tags, an Alguacilies with an HMG and a Daktaris cat girl medic for the Nomads.

These purchases take both the Ice Storm sets up to 300 points


This is the cutter i think that baggy of bits is full of things that will be lost soon.

WP_20150904 2

oh dear that looks like a lot of bits

WP_20150904 3

WP_20150904 3

And heres the blister mini’s

finally i might have made some progress with the photo thing so heres a pic of an orc trooper with a bacon sarnie in the background



WP_20150904 7P


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