Now did I bring enough missiles

Came across this and thought I would share nice to see some 40k stuff after all that fantasy nonsense



15 thoughts on “Now did I bring enough missiles

  1. I do like the look of, but not the name of the XV95. It looks like the Big Daddy from Bioshock to me O.o

    Random question, but does the Stormsurge have one or two of those turret thingies below the missile pods? DC, I think your comment re: East Anglia has a better name for the XV128, the Downpour, as the sheer amount of missiles look like a salvo would end in torrential incendiary rain.

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    • Crickey you go into one 15 hour nurgle induced coma and it all kicks off round here Yep some nefarious bastard Has crossed pneumonic plague and ebola then weoponised it then used me as their test subject. Seriously you may think I’m exaggerating but you couldn’t be more sick than I am without being dead despite that I’m still at work and I just coughed up my fourth lung (you get like 6 of those right)

      I have no more information about the stormsurge /downpour than that pic but knowing GW there will probably be a couple of different load outs weapon wise and probably an equally preposterous name like crap tornado or something


    • Hey Oaks

      Life has got a bit hectic recently just started a new Job I’m the night Manager of a fairly posh hotel. It’s a bit of an adjustment as instead of keeping the peace on a caravan park entirely on my own I’m now in charge if a team of porters and housekeepers also instead of doing 6pm to 2 am I’m now doing 11pm to 7 am and I had to do a week of 9 to 5 so I could train a bit with all the departments and I have to wear a suit I’m not a natural suit wearer and have an almost super human ability to make a three piece suit look a bit scruffy.

      Been playing magic the gathering as my step son got into it in a big way and my flgs has become very magic-centric so quite a big local seen 40k has about died of death round here. Been playing infinity and have a whole Aleph army waiting to be assembled and painted also been playing quite a few board games Arkham Horror is my favourite at the mo.

      I’m keeping a close eye on that battle for Calth board game if that’s not a limited edition ill probably grab a couple a few gw boxes and a chunkyish FW order and build that World Eaters army I’ve been scheming on for a while now, purely as a hobby display project got some really blood thirsty conversions in mind. Need my life to settle down and get a feel for the rythm of things

      How’s you still enjoying Armada


      • Great to hear of your new gig! Hopefully things are working out well in that respect – odd hours can be problematic sometimes (as I’ve found in my brief 4 month career in mining).

        Re: Calth: I’ve never really been drawn in by the power-armour vs. power-armour game, though I can see the appeal.

        I’s well, thanks kindly 🙂 I had a spell where I was working effectively 2 jobs, chasing down a builder of a supposedly upper-end condo for shoddy workmanship and to complete warrantable deficiencies. In the end we got a settlement approaching 7 figures, so I guess I kind of knocked that one out of the park. Problem is being all busy with that and keeping myself and the Mrs happy set me into a hobby-funk, and I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly. Starting to break out of it now that I’ve picked up my paintbrushes and dice. It’s weird how it’s become part of my identity!

        Armada’s fallen off a touch, more because I’ve re-ignited my passion for 40k, which is a bit more of a ubiquitous gaming system at the LGS. Hopefully I’ll get a game in with the ships sometime soon though! Waiting for Wave 2 to drop is like waiting for the second coming, it’s always “Next month, we promise!”

        This was back in August. It’s now looking like December… In the meantime, it looks like I’m buying ALL the Sktitarii. Gotta love those little rad-soaked tin-men.


    • Yay skitarri do love me some cyborg action you doing ad mech too I would have to have me some of those Johny 5 and lost in space robots.

      I think this new job is going to be good its more money for less hours hopefully allowing me a better work life balance also weekly pay which is a god send for those of us err how should we put it of the magpie disposition honestly I’m terrible at budgeting across a whole month.

      All in all I’m feeling very positive at the moment feel like my life is on an upward trajectory again

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