DC’s Continuing Adventures in Photography and Poorly Supported Technology

So i was pondering my photos issue and i suddenly had a bright (typically it turned out not to be)idea the camera on my current phone is pretty shit but the camera on my old Windows phone wasn’t that bad. The phone itself is one of the most irritating pieces of technology this particular rampant technophobe has ever encountered :.

So i took a few pics nothing great but defo getting better so how to get the pictures out of the phone and into the Blackberry Tablet. Now i tried shaking it really hard over a funnel with the spout in a hole on the side of the tablet but unbelievable as this sounds it didn’t work.

At this point I was mightily discouraged i went and smoked quite a lot of a medicinal herbal remedy known to have profound effects on short term memory(cant remember what effect but thats a problem for tomorrow)when i came incredibly close to having a bright idea so close an estate agent might describe it as bright idea adjacent.

Mobile devices have this thing to connect them together its even got a snappy name Green fang, no Red Nail, close arghh thats it blue tooth so carefull not get bitten i explored the pair of troublesome widgets for a blue tooth button almost miraculously i located both buttons there were codes and detectings going on left right and centre but then the legend and true portent of doom appeared devices not compatible.

Undetered by this temporary set back i regrouped by which i mean i smoked some more herbal remedy and had a good hard….something! whats the word where you use your brain in an attempt to come up with a solution Think thats it i had a good hard think how do you get photos off a phone.

All of a sudden a new devious plan began to form in my little mind. I had heard tell of a bucket on the interwebz where you could upload and store your pictures it had a catchy name inspiration struck again photo bucket thats it. a quick google search later and we were setting up an account heady stuff.

This was achieved with very little swearing and almost no stamping of the feet although i don’t understand how my password isn’t strong enough but we had a 1 to the end of it and thats alright. So shiny new account created we log into find a new harbinger of Doom browser not supported install one of these i followed the the links (all of them) to be met once again by arch nemesis Device not supported so thats the Photo bucket plan scuppered.

Time once again for a rethink this time i called out the big guns and asked Dr Google that wise oracle that hides in the back of pooters careful to specify windows phone i was directed to one drive so i checked it out and created an account see above for details of account creating it was very similar.

So new account created i logged in to a page of gibberish randomly pushing things that might be buttons i finally got to a screen with some english on it and was informed to upload from my device i required an app click this link duly clicked i had to create a windows live account i did this then downloaded the app at which point i had to create a new account my other one being irretrievably corrupted (sounds nasty)

but finally i was able to upload some pictures and down load them to my tablet i almost cried but managed to control it to litle more than a manly sob.

here are the results

WP_20150831 5

WP_20150831 3

WP_20150831 2

WP_20150831 1


so did i just make you read 600 words to view some blurry small pictures yep i did but ask yourself this who is more foolish the fool or the fool who follows him.


4 thoughts on “DC’s Continuing Adventures in Photography and Poorly Supported Technology

  1. I would’ve put money on yellow talon but blue tooth…eh it’ll never catch on 😛 Fun bit of trivia- Bluetooth is the epithet of a tenth? (maybe 11th) century Scandinavian King and the blue tooth symbol is a bind rune of said king’s initials.

    Infinity models look ace DC, regardless of blurry phone pics (blurry pics are one manifestation of the AI uprising). Those are Pan-O knight thingies right? Haven’t kept up with infinity news and such for a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks man there not bad I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in a couple of weeks and I’ve got some new models coming hopefully very soon a couple of tags a hmg dudette for the nomads and a cat girl medic.

      Yeah there the pan o side of the Icestorm figure a knight commanders an orc heavy trooper a nisses sniper and an akalis jump trooper and 3 fuselier


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