So I actually painted something

icestorm figs

Unfortunately this is as good a pic as my phone can take and the camera on my tablet has come over all unionist and gone on strike hoping to get a new tablet next month so let’s hope the the cameras better


5 thoughts on “So I actually painted something

    • Thanks for the advice ill give it a try

      The colour is hawk turquoise watered down to a wash over white undercoat boltgun metal for the legs and guns then armour washed to within a inch of its life.

      These are the first models I’ve painted in almost 5 years so feeling a bit of a newb again but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in a a couple of weeks some old tricks coming back to me


  1. ‘Atta boy! Re-popped that cherry!

    I’d echo Zab’s comments, flashes going off really kill any possibility of a good picture – often I try to use my workdesk lighting set up, which actually uses 2 lamps working against each other, to kill any shadows. I only ever use my iPhone camera these days…


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