Life Can Catch You by Surprise

Just a quick post sorry it’s been so thin on content but I have just seperated from my partner of twelve years.

That’s right She Who Must Be Obeyed no longer has to be obeyed. I’m not looking for any sympathy it was a long time coming and was very ammacible. It is very sad as a family of 12 years is no more and i worry about how its gonna effect my step son.

However we got together today and painted most of the afternoon made some headway on the Infinity Operation Ice Storm minis he seems fine but i wonder how much is a front.

I am feeling quite positive should have more hobby time so I’m gonna try and gets some mini pics up (don’t get your expectations too high I’m a mediocre painter whos badly out of practise) and I’m hoping that i can round my infinity collections out into 3 300 point armies with some judicious purchase. I’m also gonna try and do some Bat reps and then hopefully some more experienced infinity players can let us know what I’m doing wrong


15 thoughts on “Life Can Catch You by Surprise

  1. Hang in there. That’s brutal. I had a similar thing happen years ago in a 5 yr’er, not the same of course, but it does get better! (and sometimes way better then you can ever imagine!)

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  2. That’s right She Who Must Be Obeyed no longer has to be obeyed.

    Nah. That is a myth.

    Bummer to hear, but if you are feeling positive that is all good. The Lady Inquisitor says it’s until death for us. I don’t think i could take her in a fair fight πŸ˜› That’s what that means right?

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  3. Sorry to hear that DC. I don’t know if it helps at all, but another mate of mine recently got divorced after an 18 year relationship, and it didn’t end nicely at all. But now he says it was one of the best things that ever happened to him. He said it’s like he’s a time traveller from 1998 and he gets to start all over again.

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    • Thanks Oaks appreciate it

      Me and Sin have a deal in place if I ever bump into Megan running round the back woods and estuaries of the East of England then ill leave her unmolested and inform him of her whereabouts and if he ever runs into Daphne Groeneveld in New York he’s to return the favour I have assured him that top fashion models are not very often in new york and Hollywood stars are ten a penny round here so he’s got the better side of the deal


  4. I forget to check a few places for a week or two and everything happens. Sorry bout the split, sounds as if you have the handle on it so far. Hope you keep it handled.

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