USArIadnans Army pack for Infinity

firstly apologies for the lack of recent content been suffering from a lack of both inspiration and motivation also have actually been playing more having encountered a number of other gamers who have started working on my site so been a table top warrior rather than a keyboard one 🙂

So Corvus Belli just put there new army pack for USariandnan’s up for pre order looks like you get most of the same things as operation Ice Storm but with a single more fleshed out army. My hope is that they do many more of these with a bit of hard wishing one for each faction as it will really help with the pimpin showed this to two fellow gamers who are now chompin at the bit to start infinity 🙂 here’s a bunch of obligatory pics


Lovely sculpts mostly however I’m not keen on the posing of the far right werewolf and the motorbikes wheels look a bit small gives it more of a moped look like she’s delivering pizza rather than fighting a future war.


Looks like phenomenal value at €90 pre order should be £60 or less by the time it gets to the UK

So what do you think anyone tempted to jump into infinity who hasn’t already by this


8 thoughts on “USArIadnans Army pack for Infinity

  1. They’re sculpts really are getting amazing aren’t they? Look at the faces on those grunts, and the pose of the motorbike scout. I agree with you about the werewolf, he’s not exactly dynamic. I like his evil grin though. And the antipode looks very cool.

    All in all I agree, this sort of thing is a great idea. Even the card terrain could be useful for any number of games.

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    • Yeah that werewolf does look like he enjoys his work:) but the pose is a bit looking in the mirror about to have a shave.

      The scenery is thesame as the Ice Storm stuff just different colours and I can confirm. It’s both good quality and sturdy has survived many set ups and packing aways and I recently had most of the contents of the icestorm boxes balanced on. Top my akalis commando was my last man hiding on a rooftop and he proceeded to decimate the nomad force who had to climb up one again a time to get him and got aro’d to death that rooftop was awash with lying down unconscious minis 🙂


    • As you might be able to guess from above its been all infinity we had a new influx of seasonal staff on the site getting ready for summer peak and the new chef the under chef and one of the new bar staff are all gamers the Icestorm box now lives full time in my car they all finish about midnight and I’m here til 2am so we often play a couple of 3 games in the office after everyone else vanishes :).

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      • Nice! Also, 😀

        How quickly to the games go?

        Also, the new infinity army packs looks pretty sweet. One box to rule them all!

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      • We’re just playing with the armies that came in Ice Storm as im introducing new players so we’re mostly just using the quick start rules that came in the box playing to annihilation so you crack through a game in 20-30 mins when I’ve played scenario or objective games and chucked in stuff like hacking its more like 40 mins buts that’s a bit I’m still stumbling (as I’ve kinda stopped and started a few times 😦 ) with the full ruleset and it’s kind of fiddly flicking back and forth on the tablet I need to get it printed out somewhere.

        Yeah man its a lovely great value box I really hope they do an Aleph one as I have penthesilea, Atlanta and a maruts which could use some padding out into a full army and I’d like to get a Tag for both the nomads and Pano I like these 2 the cutter for pano

        And the iguana squadron for the nomads


  2. We over at Spectre Studios have been cranking in a couple of games a week for the last month. I already play Ariadna so this is like early Christmas. Infinity is so dynamic and tense and it keeps both players involved even when it’s not your turn. I love it!

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    • Thanks for dropping by spectre (or is that Mr Senence 😉 ) yeah I’ really starting to love infinity too building a decent pool of players locally now. I find it a real breath of fresh air after Years of 40k and I love how you seem to do more when it’s not yours turn and that the games are quick no standing around twiddling your thumbs for hours also I think Corvus Belli have raised the bar on single sculpt minis


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