To Cap The Week

Well Friday’s here again and having had a look at the site stats nobody looks at this over the weekend which means far too many people are skiving off and looking at the internet when they should be working but have no fear I’m no narc 😉


but it’s been an interesting week.

Chronic Pandering has taken on a life of its own and is spreading across the World Wide Internetz webby thingmebob if you haven’t seen them go check these out.

If anyone else feels like writing themselves into the legend feel free please leave me a little link to it in the comments as i get a real kick from it. If you don’t have your own blog email me your drafts and ill stick em up here. I’m just a bit concerned we might have the next slenderman on our hands though.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have seen the Harlequins are coming back to 40k as a stand alone mini dex dataslate or whatever this has me really exited not that I plan to pick them up but from pure nostalgia. When I first played back in rogue trader days (yes I am THAT old I know the childish writing style and poor punctuation may have led you to believe I’m a pre pubescent boy but I’m actually closer to 40 than I’d like) one of my main opponents was the dancing space ninja elves who used to run rings round my Squats literally they could move like 4 x as far every turn. I’m just glad we haven’t seen those scary black dudes with the big guns they ripped me to shreds

The other thing that had me salivating wildly this week was this bad boy


Although doesn’t it look like that White Scar was trying to scrounge a buck fitty when sev took offense.

See you all next week have a good weekend and may the field of table top valour bring victory and riches to your keep.


14 thoughts on “To Cap The Week

    • Hey man good to see you

      Welcome to the Eerie I also have issues with logging in to stuff but mostly cause I can’t remember what passwords I’ve used it would be fine if they didn’t keep making you change or rejecting what I wanted cause it’s not strong enough.


  1. I’d totally be up for writing at the HoP/another person’s blog but I usually panic due to lack of eloquence/style and/or just panicking from lack of decent content. Have fun when you unleash our future internet overlord though 😛

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    • Mate I’m in no position to judge any one on style or eloquence hell if wasn’t for the autocorrect on my tablet I couldn’t spell eloquence. I actually find writing really difficult one of the reasons I decided to start ablog that may sound counter intuitive but it the same reason I have a motorcycle licence cause motor bikes scare me.

      If you ever wanted to put something up here I’d be honored but you have your own blog and it’s much better written than my inane waffling 🙂


      • Yeah, that’s pretty much why I started my blog almost a surprising 2 years back. Unfortunately, I can’t see any major improvements in my sentence structure and eloquence. Grammar improved and so did my painting so there’s that 😛

        Oh man, I love inane waffling. Keep blogging DC, don’t give up 😀 it gets easier after a time (especially if you use the USR: And No F***ks Shall Be Given)



  2. I can’t be the only Xeno who’s really surprised that the Harlie rumors actually turned out to be true.
    Cuz there has been Harlie rumors like, forever. But nothing ever really came to be.
    And now- Harlies!
    What’s next? Plastic Sisters and Chaos Legions?
    I’m afeared….

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      • No need to send out a search party just yet… 😀

        Played a game with 1,000 points of LOLNIDS versus Dark Angels… it was pretty fun. Didn’t take *any* pics though because my phone was out of batteries (and I was using it for tunes, so…. yeah.) I also painted a priest. That’s about it. 😀



      • That’s good I wasn’t relishing swimming across the Atlantic in February then searching the frozen wilds of Canada 🙂 you know I’d do it if I had to 😉

        So did you win you were struggling with dark angels recently have the gribbles got game


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