Cult Mechanicus Cover Art


I’m Loving the artwork almost tempted to start an army


3 thoughts on “Cult Mechanicus Cover Art

  1. The robots+ datasmith are $118 AUD. 😦 I’d rather buy a landraider ($110), a paint pot ($6) and use the remaining $2 on an icecream 😛

    Gotta love that hat though.

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    • I’m not the biggest fan of the robots but the data smith is very cool I really really like the tracked robot things

      And that has to be the best hat in the 40kayaverse (that’s totally a real word 😉 )


      • Hats *are* pretty important.

        I was tempted to pick up Skitarii, but I’ve really got too much on the go as-is and want to add a few more scions and the bugs are just getting started.

        My wallet is pre-doomed before this even came out.


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