Samus is Here

Forgeworld released this bad boy this morning

LOW 375pts ws9 BS5 S7 T7 W6 I9 A5 LD10

Some nifty reserve and deepstrike shenanigans

Indomitable will

It Will not die

Pricey but quite a monster



7 thoughts on “Samus is Here

  1. Why bother?
    A single Ultra Beakie with a dagger can kill this guy.
    He’s a total wuss.
    They actually goof on this lame-ass daemon in Vengeful Spirit, saying that embarrassing deaths for this jerk are ‘becoming kind of a thing.’
    Seriously- this model should have like one hit point, cuz I’m pretty sure a guardsman with a laspistol can take him out with a single shot at this point.

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    • Yeah his most scary trick in Horus Rising was saying Samus is here on er the Vox Network so he’s like a 40k prank caller or at worst some heavy breather Turn of the forty first century sexy pest 🙂

      Surprised he’s a khorne daemon never seemed very Khorney to me

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      • He dies in the Calth book too. I’m sorry, I’m stoopid hung over and I can’t remember the name of the Calth book (Calth Burns? I haz no idea. Drawing a blank and my bookshelf is several steps away, which would require getting up and walking. I love you, man, but that’s not happening today).

        Some Ultra Beakie grabs an Athame (I’m prolly spelling that wrong, but you know what I mean- those daggers Erabus hands out for folks to perform Chaos rituals), jumps off a sooper-heavy tank and lands on Samus’ head and stabs him and he dies.
        He goes to the back back of the ‘Daemons waiting to enter realspace’ line, and Erabus, who’s preparing the Ruinstorm, has a chuckle.
        At that point, Samus kinda becomes a running joke in the series.

        Yeah- his best moments are with the prank calls.
        ‘Samus is the man next to you.’
        ‘Dude- you never told me yer real name was Samus.’
        ‘What the heck are you talking about? My name is Frank. It’s always been Frank. You should have the stimm feed in yer power armor checked. I think it’s broken.’


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    • Mark of calth was a book if thats any help I haven’t read it yet though

      I’m suffering staid up for the very boring biggest boxing match ever last night when did boxing become so dull its not been the same sine lennox lewis retired


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