Close up Mechanicum pics

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4 thoughts on “Close up Mechanicum pics

  1. Whoa cool, an electro priest. I like how GW is actually filling in all the units people have wanted for like 25 years. I’m not so much a fan of the newer cartoonish style of the models these days though. Ah well can’t have everything.

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    • Yeah it’s cool there going back to source I like em though particularly the 2 hq ish characters and the tread one the electro priest is all right but the big robots don’t quite tickle my N(nerd) spot in the same way prefer the Forgeworld ones

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  2. Well they’re cool an’ all, but they still don’t really look like I had pictured in my mind, and they haven’t changed that as I keep reading 40k books…I still see ’em the same way in my head.
    They ARE cool figs though. I particularly like the robot thingy and the tracked weapons platform thingies….ah, hell they’re all cool.

    Sigh- James will never come around to modern 40k. It’ll just never be his thing.

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    • Yeah they are groovy the big robots the only one I’m not sold on just not quite grimdark enough for me seems more 1950’s sci fi up side were getting closer to being able to field xi-nu-73’s 9th battle maniple poor thing sniff died trying to protect sob cyrene


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