Mechanicus Pics

Came across this thought I’d share



7 thoughts on “Mechanicus Pics

    • Hey James no worries I’m the same works been much more intense hence such dinky posts I agree much like the hulkbuster iron man suit glad steppie is 15 now and I don’t have to worry about pester power for toys try and keep him away from Power Rangers they reboot the series every year or so with new (read same but in different colour plastics) toys


  1. Copious of viscous white fluid seeped from certain orifices whilst a cylindrical portion of spongy blood-filled tissue underwent rhythmic spasms.


    Getting the track thingies and the robots if not too expensive. Pretty big -if-. Might just get the robots, cuz I love robots. Totes gonna paint ’em like C3P0 and/or R2-D2.

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    • There’s lots of things in there I like the tracked things are cool all the walkers especially the two legged ones I doubt I’ll get them though just not got that much interest in playing 40k at most building a bit of infinity momentum in my area so gonna concentrate there maybe sometime down the line


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