A Random Recommendation

Hi a certain Lady with a heavy purse had me looking at Paper craft stuff this week and whilst looking around I found something really cool


I mean how cool is that and it’s just the tip of the iceberg


Here’s the specific post and the main link will be going on my blogroll shortly

I have a new mancrush


6 thoughts on “A Random Recommendation

  1. Yer supposed to recruit places like this for the House, dude.
    That is fuckin’ amazing though, I subbed immediately,
    Things like this reaffirm my love for this crazy nonsense we do.

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    • Sheesh I gotta go recruiting too is it not enough that the boss lady sends me out retrieving xenos finding stuffs and sends me emails threatening to come to the UK kidnap me and make me her papercrafting love slave (yes that’s a direct quote)

      I know right all these years I’ve been using paper to write on car body filler to fix rusty bits of cars and mustard to make meaty things taste better (although English mustard is much better than anything that comes in a squeeze bottle) and I coulda been making cool shit like that


    • Hi Greggles thanks for dropping by

      Isn’t it and he makes it look so easy although I strongly suspect it’s not id recommend having a good look through his stuff there’s so much nerdy goodness there you head might just explodes πŸ™‚


    • His sites well worth checking out there’s loads of cool stuff from starwars marvel universe halo and 40k clever fucker and individuals I’m nit jealous at all no sirrah bib nit one little bit


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