A Question of Fluff

Hi everybody if there’s anyone left checking this site its been a while had a rough few weeks at work combine with a distinctive lack of motivation and a few ongoing problems with my Internet provider but I’m back baby.

Well I’ve spent the last week or so getting back up to date with all the myriad new codex supplements expansions dataslates and what have you. I,ve been able to accomplish this with the assistance of some usefully disambiguose connection in the Russian underground and this guy


Yar matey Avast

Erm sorry bout dat got a bit carried away where was I…..er ok I remember the fluff. Now I’ve just been reading the fluff sections and moving on cause well I’m never gonna remember it all and I’m probably not gonna play most of these armies so I’m not gonna pontificate on the viability of builds or point out broken combos or declare anything fail I’m just gonna talk in broad strokes about the fluff and what you get and then try and make a point I might fail in this I often do but that’s never stopped me before and I’m dammed if it’s gonna stop me this time.

Dataslates are also bit meh threshold very little fluff a few rules and abso positively no points in there you won’t be getting away without paying for no codex no sirry bob these seem to be aimed at the players not the fluff bunnies I was bitterly disappointed with the Kharn Butcherhorde slate being a big fan of Mr Kharn (always. Best to call him Mr preferably by megaphone or other long distance communication form) but it just contained a stripped down version of the codex fluff the formation and a scenario to play out his famous burning everyone out in the cold story. Cool if like that sort thing I suppose but it didn’t tickle me in my special place.


Supplements now this is a whole different kettle of fish these I approve of greatly loads and loads of Fluff the crimson slaughter had like 60 pages and yes I know there not the Legions everybody wanted but it was a collection story. The Farsight supplement also many many pages of Fluff some wicked stories and shadowsun also get a little mention.enjoying clan raukan ( want that the noise ken and ryu made when they fshot fire balls out there hands in street fighter) and still got black legion sentinels of terra and the elder one to go

Mini dex now these are okay but not great I enjoyed the inquisition one and the knights yeah plug me into a 30ft stompy death machine and the legion of the dammed although confession time I love the legion of the dammed so might not be objective on this issue and saying that I’m such a fan of the legion I even read the rules bit and was more than a little disappoint really GW your gonna put out a whole dex with not one new model or unit and rules that don’t really in anyway represent the awesome fluff I just read no towering infeno models when they get pissed off enough no bolter shells that cut marines in half humpth (oh yeah you know when I said like 300 words ago I wasn’t gonna pontificate on rules well I lied I do that get over it nowhere have i ever claimed to be consistent)

Full dex now controversially I’m gonna include Harlequins in with these I know it didn’t have that many units and no HQ but it’s 7th that just how we roll now blame chapter house can’t have rules without models any more (complete side trip now but I have no sympathy for chapter house what’s ever they were blatantly trying to profit of the success of of 40k and then chose to poke the bear by not taken the simple precautions ofcalling them space knight or space vikings or whatever go come up with your own game and spend 30 years developing it you lazy cunt dribbles). I loved the harlequin dex fluff but the rest were just rehashed of the old 5th edition dex except not quite as detailed and much more broad sweeps rather than the individual tales of heroism that I like

Well I’m gonna try to the meat of my point now the new codex have a very different style of artwork the Blanche epic black and pics like this

Adeptus Custodes 12271_md-Artwork, Copyright Games Workshop, Inquisition, Inquisitor, John Blanche

Have been replaced with stuff like this


and although it’s all very pretty and gloriously coloured it doesn’t feel as grimdark to me which leads me on to my next stream of thought. I also read the Forgeworld Horus Heresy books which are absolutely awesome and I’m giving very real consideration to buying em people. Now these still feel like the 40k I know and love and look at the modeLs


don’t they look like they just stepped out of a John Blanche illustration and then look at these guys


Don’t they seem a bit well kiddie by comparison and these led me to a horridable conclusion leap of logic not justified by the evidence supposition maybe. Is Forgeworld for the grown ups and GW for da kids and with what gw is doing to fantasy at the momeware we looking at a possible reboot of 40k is the dystopian 5 minutes to.midnight feel I love gonna go.away is it gonna be a bright new day in the Imperium god I hope not i like my sci fi dark and broody and near apocalyptic.


9 thoughts on “A Question of Fluff

  1. Death to the false emperor – unless it undercuts our profit margins in which case death to the xenos or chaos pantheon – whichever is more profitable!

    -Battlecry attributed to late 2nd mellenium Adeptus Excutivitas

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      • I don’t know man. Since i don’t play i don’t care about them that much anymore. They have ignored sisters for so long that Raging heroes’ new KS has beaten them to the punch. Don’t care what they put out now – any sisters minis i want to paint will come from raging heroes. I feel shockingly indifferent to GW now. Weird.

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  2. Yeah, almost two years on and the wratihknight -still- hasn’t grown on me. It looks too top heavy and well, like they were going for a female bewb-plate wraith construct then shoved amour on at the last second.

    For motivation though, I look through 3rd ed 40k stuff and 6th WHFB as the pictures are evocative, the dioramas moreso- hell, even the pictures of the armies really capture the ‘feel’ or ‘soul’ of the army. Example: in 3rd 40k’s rulebook, one of the pictures for the Nids has 4 gargoyles and a lictor attacking some valhallans on the roof of an outpost. You can really imagine those hapless guardsmen trying to swat the beasties

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    • I always think the Wraith Knight looks abit well power rangery and yaeh the old school art works were just…..better more gothic full of funny tendrils and skulls and with epic background but with a focus on a little scene you could put yourself in to


  3. Ok sorry I’m late to the party…
    Ummm…I hate to admit this…but I like the giant robots in 40k.
    Dunno what else to say ’bout that. I just do.
    If ever there was a place for giant robots in a 28mm mini game, it’s in 40k. Cuz 40k is just so damn silly, and if I can’t have ‘in-scale’ Titans work in a reasonable manner, then I want giant robots, goddammit.

    I like the iKnight- iz very brutish, verr Imperial. One will look great with my Zombie Guard.
    I like the Eldar thingy. Iz sleek and has the stoopid giant Eldar pointy head. The Tau ‘bot I love too, of course…iz Tau. I don’t care- iz Tau and it’s deadly. That’s wassup.

    The whole game of 40k is ridiculously silly. Why stop short of giant robots?

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      • I heard hollywood was rebooting the power rangers with a movie. It was gonna be like 20 years in the future and all, but 2 were dead. Very dark and last stand-ish kinda deal-y. If it’s true i would totally watch that.


      • Well if it was a saw style torture porn style film with the power rangers as the victims and no happy ending maybe

        Steppie is 15 now but when he was younger loved power rangers my biggest gripe was they rebooted every year or so with new actors I assume that was to stop the cast pulling a friends and getting a million bucks an episode but they woukd then just change the colour of the plastics in the injection machine and rerelease the toys and he wanted the same big truck in a different colour for another £50


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