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Firstly its been a while since I posted apologies for that I will get Universal Dangers rounded out soon I’ve located another large chunk of my Ravenguard so some pics and list ideas that don’t require any purchases will be coming. I’ve also picked up The Death watch Rites of battle book so I’m gonna do a post on that cause there some cool fluff in there.

However this week I got a bit distracted. I was gonna attempt to explain how my brain works but after taking professional advise this was deemed far too risky the consequences could cause the Interwebz to explode and an apocalyptic cult to be formed with wide reaching consequences for all life on Earth Also there’s a good chance it just doesn’t 🙂

Well back to my point if I do infact have one (good possibility I don’t) Every once in a while ill read something which causes me to go off and devour information on a subject and there’s no telling were this will lead me.

This  week this video got quite wide coverage in the british newspapers and not just the tabloids it was featured in the guardian and The Telegraph two broadsheet quality papers

Now this caught my attention because Rendlesham Forest is right on my doorstep and I’ve spent a lot time exploring round them. Infact I feel most at home in woodlands and very safe. That may sound a bit weird if your a devotee of horror films but noone can sneak up on you in the woods its impossible to move through them with out making noise not even deer manage that, so if you think something is coming for you stop crouch down and listen.

One connection all the papers made is to the 1980 incident where a number of USAF personel had a range of well documented encounters over several nights just after Christmas.


Now I’ve seen plenty of strange lights and things in the sky in that forest but that area until about ten years ago was dominated by to large USAF bases Woodbridge and Bentwaters also confession time I was often searching for or doing magic mushrooms or visiting the hippy travellers site on the south side of Woodbridge airforce base to score acid so my testimony about strange lights might not hold up in a court of Law 🙂

When digging around I came across this piece.

remember him saying that he was posted there early 1940 for about 18 months at a place he nicknamed “Nowhere”. Chatting one night, my father mentioned he had been involved in duties at R.A.F Bentwaters/Woodbridge, and also at Shingle Street. When I started to talk about the Shingle Street incident in 1940 and the incident at R.A.F Woodbridge in 1980 his mood suddenly changed and he became very agitated. He told me that both events were linked and that if the public knew what lay beneath Shingle Street to this day. He stated that “all hell would break loose because it’s nothing like that’s been said and unlike anything anyone could imagine”. At this point he was getting upset and told me he was afraid to say any more. He told me to forget what he said. The rest of the evening was one of virtual silence. He passed away 10 months later and that evening still haunts me.

Taken from here


Now Shingle Street is about 5 miles east of Rendlesham Forest and about 3 miles up the coast North of me and a bit of a local legend in 1940 residents were evacuated from there homes local home guard units were rushed there and defence including massive amounts of land mines erected over the following days hundreds of burnt bodies in Germany and British were washed up on the shore and continued to do so for years afterwards anyone finding one was sworn to secrecy.


Shingle st is quite an eerie place anyway a small hamlet very cut off from the world around it and consisting of a spit of shingle protruding into the North Sea and some marsh lands


As you can see there’s fuck all there so what was a USAF seargent doing on duty there. It’s worth noting that shingle st is slap bang between Bawdsey to the south which is where radar was originally developed and was a RAF base until quite recently


To the North of Shingle st is Orford Ness now when I was reading about the Rendlesham Forest incident Orford Ness came up a lot and it’s another place with a lot of strange things I never new about.


The first is Cobra mist a long range radar system



The second is the Atomic weapons research Establishment



Which. Had a major research facility based in Orford Ness another interesting thing is that the entire site is listed by English heritage under the ancient monuments act


This is quite unusual as this prevent any attempt to excavate the area and is usually reserved for castles and area of archaeological interest.

There’s also the matter of tunnels and bunkers found to the east of Bentwaters and Woodbridge heading towards Orford Ness and Shingle st.

The long and short I live in a Conspiracy Theorists wet dream are the CIA beaming signals straight into my brain are aliens living underground a few miles north of me who knows but I find it incredible what you can uncover a history of an area I spent most of my life living in but yet never knew. I think I’m gonna have to take a grip out to Orford Ness some time in the near future and do some more digging.


10 thoughts on “Random Weirdness

  1. Hey do you read Fortean Times? I freakin love that magazine. Seems a lot of you English types go in for strange phenomena… and so do I. Big fan of alien stuff right here. I don’t even really care if it’s true or not, I just love following the weirdness. The fact that it’s real people in the real world makes it better than sci-fi in some ways.

    You should totally go and investigate…

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    • I’ve read the Fortean Times he actually had a really low budget tv series for a while well I think it’s the same guy a balding priest in biker leathers sounds rather Father Ted but there you go.

      Yeah I like a good dose of weirdness what intrigued me about this one was how much weirdness was concentrated into such a small area and it’s on my doorstep. Also that stretch of coastline is such a desolate place south of here you have all the Essex holiday resorts but north just shingle marshes heath land and forest it really isvthe arse end of nowhere.


    • I’m not sure on faeries but I love a good ghost story there some doozies from round here too the site of England’s most haunted house is about 20 miles from here


      There’s also the suffolk black dog or black shuck


      I’m not sure how much of a believer in am but it interest me how such similar stories crop up straight through recorded history


      • Faeries I think are interesting because they appear in pretty much every culture. They look different depending on whether you’re in China or Ireland or whatever, but basically since the beginning of time people have been getting lost in remote areas and reporting time distortion and strange beings. Come to think of it grey alien abductions and encounters are pretty much in the same vein.

        You know I read that surveys show that most people in the UK (and some other developed places, like Japan) )believe in ghosts. Pretty much no-one in Australia does. Interesting.

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      • Might be the amount of really old properties castle halls etc in theUk and I assume japan Australia has a relatively short history by comparison.
        I’ve read around ghost stories and paranormal investigation a fair bit another subject I got interested in for a while (I’m on Gnostism and late Jewish early christian sects at the moment) and one theory is emotional imprinting were events with strong negative emotional response murder suicide battles etc occur that emotion is imprint into stone and bricks and you get little replays for hundred of years after.

        Personal story when I was training as a nurse I was based at a psychiatric hospital now the main building was a victorian large building but most of the wards were newer building in the grounds that main building had the pharmacy and administration offices and the food hall. Now we had a late admission one night and I got sent to pick up a prescription itvwas a wet horrible night so I cut through the main building all of a sudden I hear a he’ll of a commotion coming from upstairs I belted up 3 flights of stairs all the time hearing what sounded like a riot. Igot the dots open to a an old closed down ward and nothing the sound stopped and it was obvious from the dust that no one had been in there for years.

        I got a load of staff and got a head count on every patient in the hospital not one missing. Ii never went in that building again after dark.


  2. I love how there’s a wall in that one lil’ section of marsh.
    Like, why?
    ‘Gonna put a wall here. It’ll extend out to about there or so, and then turn and head that way…’
    What for?
    ‘Cuz…it’s a wall. Can’t have just anyone comin’ in here and stealing…marsh.’
    Wow. I just received an email from some Government agency asking me to cease and desist any ‘wall discussions’ I may be having.
    That was like, record time.
    I think they’re on to you, DC.
    We gotta beef up security around here…

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    • LOL yeah although the UK Is actually full of random walls that appear very ancient but with no easily identifiable purposes.

      Yeah I strongly susp ct there might be a rat or a mole or even possibly a ferret I’m not entirely sure which but it’s definitely Verminous actually where’s CK and his little Horde

      Not gonna stand for it nope not at all time for a crazy witch hunt


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