New Ogryns

Termie like OGRYNS at that


Think I’m gonna need to see then from a few other angles but those cc weapons look beastie

These are being released at the Horus Heresy weekender For the best (if past performance is any thing to go by) coverage check in with these guys anything on BOLS or Faeit will be likely taken from here

There on my blogroll too


18 thoughts on “New Ogryns

  1. Oh god they look like they would have that posh Englishman’s voice and maybe some pith hats. “I say old chap, you mind passing me the ripper gun? There’s a good fellow”

    Hell, most of the Solar Auxilla troops and things look like they’re all jolly good chaps who’re purging the heretic who are really sporting chums šŸ˜›

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  2. Lolz!
    I was actually so fixated on da kewl buzzsaw hands that I didn’t notice that they’re sorta…
    Orgyn Scissorhands!

    I HATED that movie, cuz I mighta had a thing about Winonna Ryder, and here comes Johnny Dep.
    That was the first time I was Tentacle Blocked by some actor fool who shows up and scoops some chick I’m mackin’ on. Well, I woulda been mackin’ on if I could get past the stoopid security where they shoot movies. You know how many times I’ve been tackled by security MERE STEPS from Megan Fox’s trailer?
    Well…numbers aren’t important and don’t you judge me.
    But…a lot.
    A really lot.

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    • I’m a bit of a Tim Burton fan but a film called Edward Scissorhands should have had a whole lot more decapitation than that did.

      I really like the Idea of Ogryn Scissorhands though infact I can’t believe I didn’t come up with that myself infact I think (with your permission) I feel a short story coming on. šŸ™‚


  3. Oh hey- Like buttons.
    Wow…I seem to not notice a lotta stuffs…
    I wonder if I should worry about how many fully functional brain cells I have left?


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    • I can see where your coming from there the bare headed does have a disfigured sloth type quality and the backpacks do have a proton packness about them.

      I did a quick Google search for what the proton pack were called and there’s a whole ghost busters dedicated wiki don’t you just love the Internet šŸ™‚

      On the Ghostbusters theme did you hear there doing an all female cast remake? Got strongly mixed feelings about that not cause there women but I still think the Ghostbusters movies hold up and really don’t need a remake


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