Chronic Pandering yet again

Apologies for the delay I was busy then I was lazy

My mind reals from this unexpected turn but quickly coalesces to a diamond hard cold rage

“Captain It was you, you got him free from the containment zone. Why after all we’ve been through….Why”

The Captains voice echoes from the corner. “there are forces at work you don’t understand all will become clear but for now I can’t have you interfering. take him to confinement”

I’m once again hauled through the dark passages and slung bodily into a small cell. Well what now I’m in the dark both figuratively and literally Damn it what ever happened to villains monologueing there whole plan!


Nothing else for it I need out now! pulling by Bergen from my back I start to assess the options. Using some of the newspaper and my lighter I fashion a small torch. With the light I start exploring my cell apart from some very small cracks in the rock faces the doors the only way in or out.


The lock is some kind of electronic affair. Hmmmm that offers some possibilities but getting it open will be for nothing with out some kind of plan.

I listen at the door and hear more of the rat things pass by well that might be my first break their using a roaming patrol system, carefully counting I discern the pattern they pass every 3.5 to 4 minutes. A small window but it could be enough looking to the rest of my supplies a plan starts to form. As the guards pass I hammer the paper clip shorting the lock and slip out of my cell using the rubber band as a slingshot I fire a pair of pellets made from improvised papier machete filled with glue and shaved brick dust.


I slip past the temporarily blinded guards and hasten to make good my escape.

Passing through the dark tunnels I enter a dimly illuminated chamber looking around at the odd assortment of items a collection of purses which could be described as very cute a hat and beard clippers, several military style uniforms, a collection of religious artifacts and a large stack of bricks


Hearing the sound of my pursuers I mentally catalogue the contents and continue on my way.

More soon hopefully to be concluded if I work out how or where I’m going with this


9 thoughts on “Chronic Pandering yet again

  1. Good morning, DC.
    Stoopid snowstorm has me trapped in the apartment.
    The worst thing is that my XBox controller is dead and I have no batteries.
    This is horrible.

    ‘papier machete’
    I lol’ed.
    Friggin’ MacGyver over here.

    Welp, I’m going back to bed I guess. It’s 6:30. There’s nothing to do at 6:30 in the morning if you can’t play XBox.
    Blah, I say.

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    • Morning mate I saw the Snow storm you guys are getting on the news this morning looks harsh apparently if you try and drive your car your “breaking the law”.

      Rough one on the batteries man makes you a bit nostalgic for wired controllers hey. Spose if you were a glass half full kinda guy its an extra day off.

      I hadn’t spotted the Machete thing dammed autocorrect but ill leave in just for you πŸ™‚


    • It feels weird to be reading about how much snow NYC has right now, while us here in Toronto just got a light dusting (if that)

      I mean, I’m used to reading about Buffalo getting snowed in by 6 feet every other month or so, but that’s a godforsaken wasteland it is, so it doesn’t really matter. The NYC’s though? that’s new.

      Liked by 1 person

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