Chronic Pandering 2

The first part of this story was the last post down \/ there you don’t need a link do you? I’m sure your able to scroll down/have used the internet before good so let’s begin

My breathing slows to a manageable level my heart ceases trying to burst from chest. I listen intently but nothing moves but the wind. Well what now? the containment field is a bust (quite literally) and I can’t shake the feeling this was no accident. I don’t like the thought but this feels like sabotage. Who or what’s behind this, time to reestablish contact with command.

I pull my bergen from my back and fish inside for the comms relay. That’s strange this should contain a full tactical field kit but as I pull contents out feverishly I find nothing but two half bricks some shredded newspaper, a half empty bottle of glue,a used band aid, a bent paper clip and a broken elastic band.

My suspicions grow along with a feeling of panic. Quick analysis of current situation

One marauding Xenos,

No comms,

Little to no equipment

Somebody with high level access is actively working against me

Analysis complete I’m screwed. Well somethings never change Its not the first time and I hope it’s not the last .

I sling my bergen over my shoulder and start to move. Lacking for a better plan I better try and re establish contact with the xenos. As I reach the edge of the forest I stay inside and work my way along the tree line. The xenos is no where to be seen. Obviously he’s exhausted the sandwiches and continued on his way to Los Angeles damn his ability to hone in on Her location

megan 2

I soon pick up the trail luckily those excretions glow in the dark.


Looking ahead to the terrain I sense an opportunity he’s going to take the path of least resistance but if I double time it with a small climb I’m going to get both ahead and above him. I look at the rock face damn it that looked smaller and much less vertical from a distance but a small fissure might be the answer I start to shimmy my way up.

Cresting the rise I pull myself up and come face to face with a sign `caution uncapped mine shafts’ well that’s not goooooooooood.

Waking up in the pitch black I stare up at a tiny spot of light many hundreds of metres above me That is very strange a fall from such a height should really have killed me. Gingerly getting to my feet I start assessing my self for damage even stranger I seem completely unhurt.


What was that I hear scrabbling noises unmistakably heading this way I turn the other way and see red eyes staring back at me and there and there.


A sudden rush and I’m pinned by an impossible number of small furry……things. Unceremoniously I’m hauled through the darkness to a large chamber with a suspicious number of corner.

“Hmmm DC I knew you were going to be a problem ” says an incredibly familiar voice.

Stay tuned I will get this finished sometime soon next installment tomorrow unless I find something better to do


7 thoughts on “Chronic Pandering 2

    • Thanks for stopping by Merry

      I’ve got a draft done but it needs a bit of tinkering and some pics it’s gone through a few drafts the 1st one not much happened and it was all a bit serious and we can’t have that


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