An Ode to Ogryns

Hi There welcome back to the Eerie

It was brought to my attention that there’s been a shocking lack of Ogryn love on this blog and I intend to rectify this heinous oversight right now.

I need to preface this with a big disclaimer I don’t play Imperial Guard or Astral millipedes or Tempestuous Scones. I am no master tactician or even particularly competent so if your looking for a I win with Ogryns button you need to carry on searching. This is a simple post on the the awesomeness that is OGRYNS.

I’ve been a fan of the Abhuman brutes since rogue trader.

ogryns 4

I loved the fluff that had them say nothing but “Dib Dib Dib Dob Dob Dob” and required them to be threatened by a commisar to get them in a transport of any sort.

chaos ogryn

If your looking for some more Ogryn love be sure to check out Oaks awesome blog and check this great battle report


I mean how can you not love these guys


16 thoughts on “An Ode to Ogryns

    • Thanks I think πŸ™‚

      Yeah slow puppies are a good analogy. It’s such a good spin on the ogre archetype essentially good natured right up to the point some eadz need crumpin

      Thanks for dropping by and I got a real buzz from seeing this post on the HOP BLOGROLL cheers again xD


    • Hey Warlock

      Yeah it pretty funny 10ft Abhuman with extraordinarily strength and a ripper cannon scared of the dark.

      Sorry bout the late reply had a bitch of night the power went out on one of the sites I’m warden for 3 teams of electricians had to re route a whole power phase then we had to get the guys from the national grid to reset the main breaker coming in from the street. That was finally done at 2.25am but the surge knocked out the trip switches on 350 units and 37 distribution boxes so I then spent hours getting them all back up. Gonna get a BLT sarnie down my neck and get some kip.

      Any news on the the job hunt?


  1. DC! You left out the bits about their absolute commitment to (poor) personal hygiene! And how they have to give Bullgryns their ammunition immediately before battle is joined, otherwise they light it all off in a horrific fireworks display!

    I like how they add some diversity to the Guard ranks. They’re super neat. Unless they start to fail 4″ charges and stuff, that kind of sucks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Oaks

      The hygiene thing is an unforgivable ommission on my part but I don’t remember reading the ammo thing was that latest whatever there calling it this week codex.

      I’ll get you up on my blogroll soon too I’ve got a long night at work with probably very little to do so plenty of time for tinkering πŸ™‚


    • I didn’t dare put any corners in without permission from the Captain being hideously incompetent in corner design myself πŸ˜‰

      The vermin issue will be addressed shortly keep your eyes peeled.

      Bit disappointed not to get a CK patented rating 😦

      Thanks for dropping by and all input from the master of corners will be gratefully received.


    • Thanks CK feeling better about life now πŸ˜‰

      I’m with you on electronics I’ve spent the whole night trying to get the HOP LOGO up to the accompaniment of lots of swearing and threats of dismemberment to my tablet, got that to work XD. Now I’m working on the Blogroll I’ve got all the links ( including to chapel of angels πŸ™‚ ) but for reasons beyond the wit of this bumbling technophobe only 2 will display at once.

      I’ll have the corners installed and all spruced up for your next visit πŸ™‚


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