Reconnecting with my Hobby

Well i spoke last time about trying to get into a gaming group. Now normally i have a dive in and see how it goes attitude to life but maybe its time to ya know make a plan or something.

I live in a small village between the Town of Ipswich and the Port of Felixstowe in East Anglia for any visitors from far flung exotic lands thats the big bulgy bit on the East coast of England. Now the options for gaming are.

Games Workshop on the High st in Ipswich this will probably be my first port of call although i will need to get an official copy of seventh edition.

The Wizards Workshop Felixstowe this used to be my regular Saturday gaming place however i stopped in there before christmas and the regular saturday 40k scene has died of death to be replaced by Magic the Gathering which honestly just doesn’t float my boat. However the owner is a very talented commission painter who loves his mini’s so i might pack steppie and my Operation Ice Storm box up and go see if i can pimp some Infinity.

The final option would be the gaming clubs now i havn’t been to any but I’ve heard tell of three in my locality one that meets every other Saturday in Ipswich. One that meets in the library of a village the other side Ipswich and one in a church hall but thats quite a trek into the countryside. Big proviso here is that i don’t know if these clubs are still going so my next move is to try and establish contact.

So some missions for the week see you soon


2 thoughts on “Reconnecting with my Hobby

  1. I’m sure you totally have a lil’ board set up in the crib for Infinity, right?
    One of the cool things about Infinity is that, for as much as people complain about ‘ermahgerd you need so much terrain to play Infinity,’ it’s mad quick and easy to build some stuffs with common household items you’ve got lying around.
    A few lil’ boxes with doors and windows cut out, and a lil’ lip attached with wood glue around the top. Boom- you’ve got a building.
    I even used CD cases as walkways on rooftops between buildings and whatnot for multi-level combat action.

    I should’ve just broken down and gotten the 6×4 foot table…I’ve got a 4×4 for Infinity, but I need that extra 2 feet fer 40k.

    Well ya gotta check out the 3rd gamestore…I try to keep in everyone’s good graces by spreading my purchases around…


    • I’ve mostly been using the Operation Ice Storm terrain and matt (read poster) and it’s really good and as it’s folded card they collapse back down and go back into the original box. They sell the terrain on its own for about a fiver so I’m thinking about getting me another one to double the size I’ve got. The Ice storm missions even have diagrams to show what scenery goes where for each missions.

      My first few proxy games with steppie before Icestorm were done with ghetto terrain luckily she who must be obeyed has a huge collection of funny little boxes for jewellery or nick nacks or we’ll I don’t really know what there for but I find its less painful not to ask questions. Although now I’ve got the Icestorm rulebook which is very clearly worded unlike the 2nd edition pdf I realise just how wrong we were playing that game 🙂


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