Dusting off the Ravenguard

If im going to play 7th edition 40k I’m gonna need an army luckily enough i have a huge collection of Ravenguard in the cupboard. Now if were talking missions getting into that cupboard certainly is one several years of accumulated crap but i started and the first box i got to had these little fellas in



I also found my legion of the damned but they seem to be suffering from hibernation sickness from the long time in cryo sleep which has manifested itself with severed limbs although this guy made it


apologies for the poor quality pics and strange sizing ill get better with the technology we will call that goal >5 πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Dusting off the Ravenguard

    • Cheers Warlock yeah those sterguard are some pretty sweet models built with Forgeworld RG upgrade pack and they were painted when I still could found out recently my painting skills have gone to shit


  1. I have a few tips for photography that might help you out, if you’re interested:

    – have less stuff in the background. The biggest problem with these is that your camera’s focusing on the drop pod. Stick a nice plain bit of paper down and let the camera auto-focus on what’s actually in front of it.
    – brace your camera. Rest it on the desk if you can, set it on a timer if you can. Let it be as still as possible at the moment the actual photo is taken.
    – that’s actually it, really, unless you happen to have a device with a macro setting. Those are great for crisp and detailed shots, but very very unforgiving – every little slip of the brush is visible in a macro shot, and unless your painting is geared to look good in microscopic detail there’s not masses of point in taking them.

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    • Thanks von that does help they were taken with the camera in my tablet which isn’t that great I don’t think the small size helps either they look much better at full size on an 8″ tablet

      I’m still playing around and sperimenting so I was just finding out how to get images and knocked it out I’m elderly and some what backwards technically so just getting this site up and running is a big achievement for me.

      I’ll get better with practice hopefully πŸ™‚


  2. Beakies in a cupboard covered in dust? Now THAT’S an unkindness of Ravens! πŸ˜› HA! Finally all those English courses have paid off in one awesome blog comment pun!!!!!! Welcome to blogging πŸ™‚

    PS- I added you to my blog roll so hopefully there will be more hecklers soon πŸ˜‰

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