Well hello you’ve stumbled into a very strange place My eerie abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Nah not really.

My names Joe better known on the old Interwebz as Dragons Claw a semi literate technophobe known to inhabit the stranger parts of the 40k blogosphere leaving random destruction wherever I venture and often sighted in the comments section of the house of paincakes as well as fanning the flames of wanton carnage at Bell of Lost Souls. I hope to see some of the people i know but equally hope to meet some new people but I’ve set up this blog mostly to set and measure some goals for the coming year.

I’ve been an table top wargamer for the last 25 years mostly games workshops Warhammer 40,000 but the last few years Real life has conspired to limit my hobby to browsing the net and reading black library books. This year I’m determined to get back to gaming and modeling and painting to reconnect with a hobby I love and stop being a keyboard warrior oh and to get some use out of the very expensive models I have gathering dust in the cupboard.

So the goals

>1 learn to play 7th edition warhammer40k I haven’t really played since the end of 5th edition so imagine I have a few things to learn and a few things to unlearn.

>2 get into a regular gaming group (this will probably be the subject and for my next post)

>3 re learn to paint. I got the Infinity starter set Operation Ice Storm late last year and although my model assembling prep and pining skills still seem to be operable my first attempt at painting one of the fuseliers have shown just how quick skills deteriorate when not used to say I was embarrassed would be an understatement.

4> start a blog well that was easy

I’ll also be chatting shit about stuff that either interest or amuses me I warn any that don’t know me this could get weird dark or just plain freaky 😉



  1. I’m POSITIVE this blog is one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse.
    Wassup buddy welcome to the Inner Circle. Like the Deathwing.

    I was really hoping you’d play Combined in Infinity. I need allies out here goddammit.
    Thanos and BC both play the stoopid Ariadnans.
    C’mon bro help me out….

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    • The end is nigh, the seas will boil over, the Dead will rise and DC started a blog yeah it all sounds suitably biblical 😉

      I’m afraid dude my first army of choice is Aleph still a work in progress got Penny cause sexy biker chick, Atlanta and her spotbot and a Maruts my second is Pan O not that they really interest me but they came in Icestorm and Steppie really wanted the Nomads. However combined could be a project for a bit down the way I love the Avatar and the noctifiers particularly those two with heavy weapons modelled to be perching on rocks.

      I just went over to corvus’s new site I really don’t think it’s an improvement everything opens a new window and it runs slow as fuck and you can’t see all the models on one page no more blah progress sucks sometimes


    • Sorry dude I know that’s irritating as fuck as soon as I work out how to turn it off I will cause my inbox is getting jammed up with moderation requests I think no. I’ve approved you once you shouldn’t need approving again though


  2. You know, if you do this, it really puts pressure on me to do one. I really have a lot to say, but I don’t want to type. Really, this gauntlet almost demands I respond. Keep up the good work and I will have to. (Yes that is a empty threat to make myself blog. Can you live with yourself if I do?)

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